Shadow Pictures LLC was founded by filmmaker & visionary Siros Kerdouni in 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Siros brought over 10 years of experience as a Director as well as extensive experience as Photographer, Director of Photography and Editor. When Siros founded Shadow Pictures LLC he wanted to offer fully featured, one stop shop for highest quality film, video and commercial production for any budget production. Now in 2014, Shadow Pictures LLC is proud to have clients from US, Canada, Europe, UAE and Far-east Asia satisfying the needs of a diverse set of international client needs for all of their Film, Video and commercial production needs. Show Pictures LLC encourages and welcomes clients, potential partners, agents as well as any prospective individuals who may either need our services or to join our team of professionals. We welcome all clients regardless of their production needs or budget & help their businesses by offering them our creative services at a price they can afford. SHADOW PICTURES LLC !2 We make Highest quality film and video productions extremely affordable because we have all of our talents, equipment and crew in one place. This is why we can produce projects at any scale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, offers or production needs you may have and we will gladly speak with you opening doors to new opportunities!!!!